David Jurasek
Imperfect man wrestling with the paradox of being powerful and loving. Find me and our dojo at: www.powerfulandloving.com
Photo thanks to Jeremy Bishop on Unsplash

Author selfie ~ me and my wedding ring.
Image thanks to WIlliam Rouse on unsplash

“to become more present”

When it comes to ADHD

It ain’t no VD

But let’s not fool or bluff

It’s indeed a double edged sword, no guff

There are gifts within the debris of this great hurricane

Supers Powers potent and buried, not to be feigned.

Some folks say “treat the person not the…

My wife and I in our garden in Toronto, Canada — David Jurasek

If only she would be more…

Pic of author on the right with Jerry Brodey, on the left, a great mentor, and friend discussing parenting, family and life.

David Jurasek

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