A Breathtaking Conspiracy

How conscious breathing can change our world especially in times of turmoil and pandemic — a conversation with Scott Simons

Scott Simons is a man I admire on many levels. His brain is astute, sharp, and open. His capacity to inspire real world change while embodying a humbling social conscience is evident through his work with youth in Montreal and his influence in the corporate world.

13 years have passed since we last spoke or worked together!

To reunite, we held an in-depth conversation (audio, video) diving into that it means to be fully alive and engaged at this time.

Being on zoom, in times of pandemic, we began with the challenges of being in front of screens! — not only how it affects our health, but also in what we can do to take back our power of presence and wellbeing in any and every moment.

Scott reminded us that…

“…the latin root of the word CONSPIRACY

is conspirare “to agree, unite, plot,”

and literally “to breathe together”.

Practicing What We Preach

To ground our conversation in the present and offer something that our bodies would remember, I asked Scott to lead us through a few guided processes.

The first practice had to do with getting back into “heart coherence”, a state where the the sympathetic and para-sympathetic nervous systems are in harmonious balance.

A leading expert in heart coherence is Dr. Joe Dispenza adds,

“What we’ve found in studying the many facets of the heart, is that in fact we can regulate our internal states, independent of the conditions in our external environment. Just like developing any skill, it requires knowledge and practice.”

Scott lead us through a practice involving 5 breaths.

Yes, just five breaths!

That’s all it took for me to feel more awake yet grounded and at peace — and I was already feeling pretty good that day !

Try it with us in this 8 minute excerpt. Watch the video version or listen to audio here.

From there, we went far and wide into the joys and struggles of a daily practice.

A Moment of Choice…

I reflected on a potent moment where I was in an argument with my wife. She had acknowledged something that upset me and we “moved on” but I was still stuck in the kitchen, arms crossed, huffing and puffing.

Then I realized that I had a choice, to hold on to this tension and residual hurt or to breathe into my core and see what happens.

Within a few inhales I felt my good mood restored and a feeling of love returned between us.

The Simplest, Smallest Invitation…

Something Scott mentioned that his greatest wish for every person he is graced to meet is that we each choose to take 3 conscious breaths, a day.

“My mission is to inspire a daily practice.

1 minute or more out of the one thousand four hundred and forty minutes a day, for the rest of their lives.”

He also threw in a simple ~ yet very powerful~ question.

Watch the video or listen to audio here of this most potent 3 minute excerpt.

My Takeaway and Dare to myself…

I’ve been really struggling with checking my phone WAY TOO OFTEN!

To help myself with that, I decided to link Scott’s invitation and link it to something I consciously choose as I reach for my phone.

Taking three breaths whenever I grab the little metal screen without thinking this week — not always — but more often has made a huge difference for me.

What’s your takeaway?

I love meaningful and inspiring conversations.

Share in comments below.

PS ~ Reminder, you can listen to the full audio of the interview here or watch it freely on youtube below:

Grateful Father, Husband, Therapist & Sensei www.powerfulandloving.com

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