How Gardening Is Transforming My Marriage

My wife and I in our garden in Toronto, Canada — David Jurasek

If only she would be more…

Freeze frame of me and my wife re-enacting a fight— taken by Patricia Marcoccia

Changing Perception — How I SEE “Our” Relationship

In our garden taking in the lush wild beauty ~ David Jurasek

Our relationship — like our garden — does not owe me anything.

The Story of the Golden Goose…

A cropped version of pic by Karolina Bobek ✌ on Unsplash

Changing my BEHAVIOUR — How I TREAT My Partner and Our Garden

Digging in the dirt to do what’s needed, sorting through what is weed and what is not ~ David Jurasek

“We don’t care for others because we love them. We love them because we care for them.”

Changing my EMOTIONS — How I FEEL About Marriage and My Wife

I’m digging in the dirt
Stay with me I need support
I’m digging in the dirt
To find the places I got hurt
To open up the places I got hurt

Digging in the dirt…

To find the places we got hurt…

How Power Plays Out In Our Garden…

Image of my wife and I — David Jurasek

The needs of the garden come first.

The needs of our relationship come first.

The garden needs regular attention and care.

Looking at the future…

Image of my wife and I — taken by our daughter Sofia

Love goes through ebbs and flows…

And just like in spring when new life emerges,

there is a time as well when everything dies eventually…

Our legacy as a couple and as stewards of this land is how we are shaped and changed by one another’s acts of love….

Which side is ours? — Our lovely daughter Sofia tends to it— By David Jurasek

Last words, for now…

Grateful Father, Husband, Therapist & Sensei