How To Grow Through Anxiety — Not Just Survive It Or Cope With It

David Jurasek
15 min readMar 26, 2020
Thanks for image from Alexandra Gorn on Unsplash

There is much written about the best ways to respond to the Coronavirus right away. Here is a solid info and here are some resources I trust.

Now, if you are already doing everything you can to limit the risks, prepare for the future and increase the health and safety of yourself (as well as your loved ones and society) externally, there is one elephant left in the room…

What can I do about my ANXIETY?

As more and more of us are isolated and locked down in our homes, anxiety (the anticipation of a dreadful future) and it’s bedfellows worry (ongoing hum of anxious thoughts) and fear (a valid response to the present threat) are forces begging to be reckoned with ~ as soon as possible.

Not to scare you further, but…

The cost of continuing to wrestle with anxiety ~ without a pathway to transform it ~ is very high.

Ongoing anxiety is directly related to the weakening of our immune system, our overall health and the ability to respond effectively to threats.

Thus the adage:

Anxiety is useful advisor

but a terrible master.

This could not be more true in these times of pandemic, as literally billions of people — regardless of race, age, intelligence and wealth— experience more terror and dread all throughout the day.

Over a few weeks, we have become a more anxious planet. We are all affected. And it has become our moment to moment reality.

So, how do we turn our anxiety into more useful

states of being like clarity, calm and courage?

Let Us Start By Understanding Anxiety…

Photo by Rohan Makhecha on Unsplash

A helpful analogy here is to think of anxiety as electricity.

Our nervous system is the wiring.

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