Less Pills, More Skills

A poetic rap and rant on ADHD from a father, therapist & martial artist

David Jurasek
3 min readMay 5, 2020


When it comes to ADHD

It ain’t no VD

But let’s not fool or bluff

It’s indeed a double edged sword, no guff

There are gifts within the debris of this great hurricane

Supers Powers potent and buried, not to be feigned.

Some folks say “treat the person not the symptom.”

Look beyond the problem, seek a greater purpose… I call that wisdom.

The ancient stoics would say, don’t ignore the math

The obstacle is the path

Instead of 2D diagnoses which flatten our complex reality

What if we embrace the difficult and stunted parts of our humanity

Our very wild and wonderful nature

Ain’t some random disorder painted into caricature

Photo by Charlein Gracia on Unsplash

It’s what we be wise to nurture

To build a better culture

To get there sure we need to factor in our deficits

Never letting ourselves call it quits

What we need when we are weaker in some places

Is not judgment and disappointed faces

What they give us are the promise from a little pill



David Jurasek

Imperfect man wrestling with the paradox of being powerful and loving. Find me and our dojo at: www.powerfulandloving.com