The Poem That Carried Me Through My Marriage…

This poem was inspired by the work of Stan Tatkin of PACT whose book Wired for Love my wife wanted me to read on our honey moon and whose wise invitations I wrestled with yet gratefully surrendered to…

I’ve dreamt myself an island.
Drawn to the passion of the sea.

And battered by her zeal, afraid to be engulfed.
I have tried hard to keep my integrity.
But, I’ve failed to be myself as one.

Now… I see myself more truly…

Floating on her surface.
Whipped and tossed and rolled again some!
I sink down my anchor, my heart.
and let her envelope me.

We become a dynamic.
Swimming and playing
And surfing her dimensions.
She is there at every moment
My counter, my companion.
There is no end to the flow.
No bottom to this love.
No shore to come back to.

There is nothing right or wrong about it.
There is no blame & no justice.
There is just us.

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Grateful Father, Husband, Therapist & Sensei

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